Across The Sea

Oct 29 2023 | Song: Across The Sea
Album: Across The Sea
Copyright: © Tom Von Lahndorff
Vocals: Tom Von Lahndorff
Guitars: Tom Von Lahndorff
Drums: Logic Pro X


Marshall DSL40 Amp Review

Oct 11 2022 | Choosing the right amp can be a bit of a journey. My goal was a versatile one – an amp that could handle clean tones, gritty crunch, and satisfying overdrive, all while being reasonably portable and budget-friendly. After checking out Marshall's midrange options, I found the Marshall DSL40CR, priced at around $750 (it's around $1000+ these days!).


MXR Clone Looper Review

Sep 12 2022 | Love my looper. Some advice. If you're using one, make sure to set it up with an effects loop (see the image). This helps keep your original loop sound intact while letting you tweak your live sound. It may seem like a small detail, but it makes a big difference. With this setup, you can loop a clean track and jam over it with a turned-up overdrive.